Mission & Vision

The NC Disaster Response and Resilience Network organizes coordinated rural-focused and grassroots efforts to respond to and support disaster recovery groups across the state.  We are a broad-based, multiracial coalition of local and regional organizations and statewide partners building partnerships and collaborative disaster recovery efforts. We work with communities facing legacy pollution and disproportionate impacts of environmental injustice.Through coalitions and direct engagement with community members, we build these efforts for the system changes needed for an equitable response, recovery and resiliency process for all North Carolinians.

We act as a resource for news and education about public health issues, and a place to connect organized and unorganized people who are disproportionately at risk of compromised health, safety, and social and economic well-being. We believe in systems that support health and well-being, and provide a place to create and put forward initiatives for collective action for a more just and sustainable society.

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